Where Can You Buy Quality Wood Pellets in the Quantities You Want?

If you have a wood pellet fire or boiler, you know the benefits. You know it's easy to operate, highly efficient and good for the environment.

And, if you're using wood pellets you'll have already discovered they can burn for days, produce very low emissions and little ash, plus they're easy to store.

Until now your only choice has been to buy in 15, 18 or 20kg packs wrapped in non-reusable plastic. Not very environmentally friendly!

And that plastic wrapping can be a pain to get rid of, right?

We have the solution! Now, not only can you use your own container (or purchase a reusable one on-site), but you can choose how many pellets you buy.

You can even fill your car while buying your pellets because Just Pellets is now at BP Papanui.

And it's simple. Slide your notes into the cash point, press the pedal and before you can say "Bob's your uncle", you'll have all the pellets you need to keep your house warm and dry.